... Who is They?

Been looking for them,
Them, or this mysterious They for a long time.
Time flew past and i lost the opportunity to fulfill my destiny
Destiny deterred, stinking in pseudo reality
Reality set in while i proclaimed busy
Busy hunting for They
They, meanwhile, must have snatched my destiny away
...or foolishly did i give it away, because who exactly is They?
-Nakia Laushaul

They get blamed for Everything. And you? Well, you can remain unscathed, blameless. Remember that Millie Vanilli song from the 90"s "whatever you do don't put the blame on you." Cop out! It's easy to they yourself right out of accountability. It doesn't hurt to take the time to analyze yourself every once and again. A simple, "Hmm, what was my role in this?" Apply to every questionable situation even if you believe it "ain't my fault." Tell yourself the truth about your actions and motive. Be objective, of self. Use proceed as an action word and and proceed to do something different to obtain a preferred outcome.

Wondering where this is coming from? Well, it's been a long time thought, and refreshed by a recent conversation I just so happened to eavesdrop on. The entire conversation was a kaleidoscope of theys used in every imaginable way: They don't want you to have nothing. They won't give nobody a job. They don't want to see you with nothing. They walk right past you and won't even speak.. They this, and they that, and they, they, they. Oh how I wiggled in my seat, it killed me not to say, "look; you need to replace they with you. The common denominator in all of your woes is you! You. You." His friends sat with their unh huh faces, but casting glances at each other, winking instead of telling him the truth. Great friends huh, but I have another blog for that!

Here's the painful truth:
Nobody wants you to have what you don't deserve. Nobody can find a job in this economy, and if I overheard correctly, you QUIT, because you weren't taking their s!&t.. no more!! Nobody wants to see you with something you can't even see yourself with. Nobody, I repeat nobody will speak to you if you don't look approachable. Not even me, and I am a Social Butterfly! For sure that guy would put me with the they people.

Personally, I feel as long as I keep Me in focus and You keep you in focus then we can be about our grind. Honestly, I don't have enough time to care what they think of me. Accountability, it feels good to have some, it frees me from giving My power away to they.

If you have another take on They, I welcome it. Let's friend up our thoughts....

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