It's Independence Day! Personalized...

Today, I too, celebrate My Personal Independence.

I have my own declarations on which I stand. There are so many distractions and personal battles that become dream killers, and steal your time if left unharnessed. Of those we must become independent. To become independent of a thing you must have a revolution. America did it. 13 colonies stood against the Parliament of Great Britain and won. Sometimes you have to go to war with yourself. Pull out the gloves, the pen, go in the closet, drive along the coast, jog, or whatever it is you must do to make space for your personal revolution. Go in swinging, chop down defeat and come out Victorious, and begin living with a new vengeance. It is amazing what one can accomplish once aligned and focused.

I'd like to share my personal revolutionary platform:

1. Me - Love me. Be my most honest supporter, advocate, critic, & cheerleader
2. Purpose - Find it. Find it. Find it. It makes you happy, I promise
3. Procrastination - No more Talking about it or Complaining about it. Be about it
4. Doubt - Do, despite doubt til there is no doubt
5. Fear - Do, despite fear til you are not afraid
6. Pride - Get rid of it before self destruction (Proverb 16:18) - this one is hard....
7. God - Actually He comes 1st, listed here as He makes it possible to do all of thee above.

I too, like America have something to celebrate today! Happy Independence Day!!!

Temporis by Nakia Laushaul

Time is temporary
Ever evolutionary
Sever cluttered moments right away
as...Every second you enter into a personal revolution again


Latasha Prater said...

I think it's wonderful, I enjoyed reading tremendously.

Shaz said...

I really like this post! I too, need to declare my own.

Welcome to blogging. :-)

The Road to Fabulosity

Susan said...

Hi, just connecting to your blog for the first time....your words are inspiring, love it!

Nakia, a Social Butterfly said...

Thanks ladies for leaving your comments, feel free to share your platform. WE can cheer each other on.

Wendy Webb said...

"Be About It!"

I definitely agree!