The Literary Journey of Nakia R. Laushaul

The write life is the right life for me!

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Barracuda said...

Point taken, but I am not an ugly heart.
My apologies for the typo.
I am one of the most caring, understanding and forgiving men that ever walked the planet, but I am also ex-military.
I was sworn to, and would willingly give my life to protect ANY US resident.

Understanding your partner is the key to any relationship.
You get what you ask for, and shouldn't expect different.

My 'unforgiveness' is not toward any person, it is towards a justice system that allows manipulation - ESPECIALLY by females.
In a sense, I cry foul.
The name of the game is supposed to be fairness, not 'he said, she said...she wins'.
I devoted my entire previous career to upholding and defending the Constitution and people of the United States, which I did flawlessly.
I like your writing, nut you are naive about "politics" - the spoiler of countries and kings.