Do It for Peace’s Sake! by Dr. A'ndrea Wilson

I met Dr. A'ndrea Wilson on Facebook. Have you ever met someone, even on social media and feel an instant connection. For me, that's the way it was with A'ndrea. I checked her out and stumbled upon her blog and this particular post on peace, well it really spoke to me. There is a peace in doing, in knowing why you exist. It feels both serene and surreal, she explained it so well, here it is. Please enjoy and check out my conversation on her page, Coffeehouse Conversations. Peace...

Do It for Peace’s Sake!

Today Wife 101 is officially a released novel. As my friends, family, and supporters are congratulating me and wishing me well, there is a question that just keeps getting tossed my way: Are you excited?

Up until this week, I was super hyper, my voice reflecting my constant movement directed at getting to this place. But now, when others talk to me, my voice is mellow, calm. I will give some of the credit to fatigue, but most goes to the change of state of mind. Am I excited? Of course. But more than that, I am at peace.

It is peace that takes over when you are where you are supposed to be doing what you’re supposed to do. When our lives line up with God’s plan, peace is inevitable. I believe the reason many of us rarely experience inner peace is because we are everywhere doing everything except what God wants from us. When we finally get it right, peace is the first sign.

So what are you anxious about? What things have you up at night? What is it that you are being called to do? If you wish for peace within, move towards that still small voice. Do it for the sake of your peace.

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A'ndrea Wilson said...

The connection is mutual. Thanks for the reminder of this needed-to-hear truth. Peace...sounds like heaven to me!