I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessie B. Tyson about her book. Intrigued and inspired, I invited her to tell you about it. "White Heaven Women," is on sale now. - Nakia, a Social Butterfly

by Jessie B Tyson

We were two teenagers, miles from civilization. The last bus had left long before schedule. Home was eight miles away. There were no street lights. We can't see the road to walk... but walk we must. A white car pulled up beside us and a cold ominous feeling ran through me, as if I'd been thrust into a freezer or a new ice age. The driver offered us a ride home. As we arrived at Barbara's village, I exited the car to see her safely across the now busy main street. 

A firm voice said, "Do NOT get back in that car!"

I turned to see who'd spoken. No one there. Tired, I ignored the warning and climbed in. The car slowed, turning deeper into the countryside. 

"You've driving the wrong way."

"No, I haven't," said the driver with a distasteful snigger.

I felt frightened. 

The voice spoke again. "Stay calm. Do not panic and do exactly as I tell you!"

The car halted in an unlit lane with no buildings nearby. The driver groped at my firm young body. I cried and beseeched God to help me, not wanting to lose my virginity through an assault. 

"God will not help you girl!" laughed my vile attacker.

Suddenly, a brilliant burst of blue light lit the lane. I noticed a female hovering three feet from the ground, her arms outstretched toward me. She was glowing blue! Electricity seemed to burn through my veins. I felt fortified with the strength of an army. 

The voice dictated what I must do. "Turn in your seat, pound his face with your feet, exit the car, break the car aerial off, pretend it's a knife, push it against his gut and say, 'Touch me again and I'll stick this knife right through you!' "

All the while, the glowing blue female hovered, arms out stretched toward me. I did everything the voice told me. Speechless, the man returned to his car and drove away. 
Trembling, I headed toward my village as the brilliant blue light guided my way. 

The voice returned. "He's coming back. Quick, jump into the meadow, crouch down and hide."
Strangely, I felt no pain as long thorny spikes ripped at my clothes and face as I dived through the bushes headfirst as if into a swimming pool. 

The man yelled, "Come on girl. I will not hurt you. I'll take you home."

"Hush. Stay quiet 'til he's gone then amble toward the main street. You know the way. You played here as a child." 

I wondered how the voice knew this.

I scurried alongside the hedgerow 'til I reached a solitary house and pounded on the door. "Help, I've been attacked. Please call the police," I pleaded.

An elderly man let me inside. My attacker drove away. 

The voice whispered into my ear, "Bye my dear. You're safe now." 

I turned, hoping to see my unearthly adviser and saw no one. I glanced down the lane...and the Lady in the blue light had just vanished!

I never saw this “blue lady” again. THAT night influenced my debut, WHITE HAVEN WOMEN. I mean, what other colour would I use for the ghostly angels after this experience?

Available in Kindle and Paperback versions. 
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