Brick by Brick by Hannah Robusto

For days now I have felt this yearning…this longing to write something. Something of consequence, something that would release this aching that has developed in the center of my chest…in the only physical manifestation of my soul…my heart. Sometimes I so badly want to spill, purge, completely empty myself in the hopes that I can be free. These things that wade in the pool of my mind are things that many people struggle with. Things that, if spoken, not only free us of our bonds, but they liberate us from a very safe, very comforting wall that we have carefully built around ourselves. This wall has been meticulously put together. Each brick represents a moment, a person, a word, an experience that leads us to the border of our security and implores us to place it in-between the world and ourselves. Each brick had a purpose in the beginning, and the wall that these bricks formed turned their purpose from protection to isolation.

More and more each day I see walls. Not necessarily my own, although they are ever present, but walls of those passing me on the street, handing back my change at the register, those avoiding my look at school, and those sitting on the curb hoping that someone would look at them without paying too much attention.
Shouldn't vulnerability be valued? Shouldn't honesty be acceptable? How much do we miss out on due to our inability to be exposed in any way? What blessings do we let slip past us? What beauty can't we see? Who have we ignored that has the ability to turn our wall into a bridge?

People want honesty, but they recoil when presented with it. Honesty and truth are at the root of vulnerability. Our spirit craves truth, but sometimes truth can sting…but it can sooth as well. In fact, it will do both.

When we are wounded and our skin is red and raw it is sensitive to the elements, and even a gentle touch can send an uncomfortable jolt through our bodies. The pain doesn't mean the end, it means healing is not only coming, but is beginning as well.

We could break down our walls in one fail swoop, but are we ready for that? Is the world ready? Or we could bring down our wall one brick at a time. With as much gentleness and precision that we used to put them there in the first place. Each brick was put up with intention and should be removed with as much intention…they do, in fact, represent our wounds. The places beneath them will be tender, so we have to reassure the delicate places that are being exposed that a new layer of skin will smooth over its surface. This new skin may be sensitive in the beginning, but will become tough in time. The reminder of the injury may always be there…appearing lighter and raised. But it won't be a ghost for us to be haunted by. It will be proof of our resilience, our lessons learned, and an evidence of the compassion we will forever carry to those who need it. To those who wish to bring their own wall down, but don't believe they could survive the

Maybe you like the fortress you have built. Maybe you can still see the world over the edge of your tallest wall while standing on your tippy toes. That desperate view offers you at least a little comfort. Just know that without removing your bricks, your wall will grow taller. There will always be injury along our paths. No one ever guaranteed that life would be safe or free of danger. So, still, your wall will grow taller and wrap itself around you…barring you on all sides. Oh, then you will be totally safe. No one will hurt you, no one will see you, and you won't be presented with those pesky pitfalls because you will no longer be walking along a path of life. No, you won't run into trouble…because you'll no longer move, for your wall will block every avenue.
Just consider one of your bricks. Pick a little one, maybe one that can make a small opening when removed. An opening big enough to see the world beyond. When you peer through your little window, consider the beauty that comes from the ashes of those around you…consider the ashes of the little brick crumbling beneath your trembling fingers. What will they become? Because they are now pliant and have the ability to be transformed into something exquisite.

Hannah Robusto is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, deep thinker, and daydreamer.  Her desire is to be fully true to herself and to others. She strives to be as transparent as she can…whenever possible.  Hannah believes that we were all created to be a community, so she invites you to join her journey. "Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

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