On December 6, 2008, I put my pen in my hand and God forced me to be still long enough to get all the thoughts swirling in my heart, out on paper. Still, long enough so that for the very first time in my life I would see my dream, my purpose in life come to completion (Phil 1:6). Completion, not as in that's it, I am done, because I will do it again. This is the just the beginning for me. I will write a series of books surrounding what else, healing.

I've been through alot. I've done some things I am not proud of. I've been places in my mind that I would never wish to visit again. I want you to know that God has promised me there will healing in exchange for me exposing my pain to you. This book is my first assignment in an effort to pull back the curtains on generational curses and self-defeat. I take this very seriously, what you read is not anger, nor is it frustration, but passion burning ferverently inside me. Until I see generational curses, lies, struggles with low self-esteem,  dysfunctional youth, dysfunctional parents, and relationships that bind your mind set free, I will write.

Get used to me, I plan to be around a long time out of love an empathy for you and out of obedience to God. The Lord whispered every word in my left ear as I struggled through writing down my pain so personally for the world to see. But, I did it for you anyway. I prayed over every poem before I selected it for this collection. Please don't read THE TRUTH AS I SEE IT in order to dissect my life in an effort to figure out who I am talking about or where I fall short. Read for you, take what you need that applies to your life or the life of a loved one and you will see we've been together our entire lives. Whether I know you in the physical or not. Learn something from the things I've seen and be better for it. 

If I just so happen to touch you in some small way, let me know. I'm not "standing in the stone cold alone, naked of my leaves" for nothing (I Am A Tree, Pg 17). Don't forget that I am just like you, a beautiful and flawed human, a woman that has found her way through God.

Check out the video on YouTube for one of my favorite poems and as always park your thoughts: The Truth As I See It: Brink of Submission

Be Blessed!
Nakia R. Laushaul
author, The Truth As I See It: In Poetry & Prose


Anonymous said...

You are making a difference Kiki- keep it up and I look forward to seeing what comes next! B

Nakia, a Social Butterfly said...

:-) Thank you B!