Life is Good . . .

. . . Now That I Finally Decided to GO Live!

I never imagined that the path to following your dreams would be littered with so much beauty. Of course the road gets ragged with with its fair share of speed bumps, winding roads, and caution signals which you may also know as fear, cash flow, and time. The truth is, those stop signs existed before and they will always be there. You see, when I wasn't doing much of anything but working to live, I still managed to  move forward in my life. I actually thought I had a really good life then--and I did. But this kind of living is different; it has a wonderful, magical, surreal appeal to it. Every word that I write, every motivational message I send out into the universe, every book that I sign, and every heart that I touch means something dear to me. It makes me come home from a long day on my j.o.b. and work more diligently, think more purposefully long term. I imagine far into the night of how I can be of better service to you. I hope that something that I write will flick the switch for you to begin to run after your dreams? I want you to experience this feeling for yourself. Yes, it is that amazing.

To be totally honest with you, I started this journey wanting to be a rich and famous author. Seriously, who wouldn't want that? Somewhere along the way, I made a right turn and my goals changed and so did the way I see riches. It has become more about encouraging others, giving to our future, and healing our families by speaking what is true. Truth is, holding the payment in my hand for the purchase of my book just can't compare to how rewarded I feel when someone says to me, "because you did, I think I can." When you find the inspiration in me to go and really live, my life is good.

I've been down many times before. I’ve given up more times than I care to count. Plan A, which is also Plan B - Z is to keep moving up. - Nakia R. Laushaul


Dasaya Cates said...

That was heartwarming.

Isn't it great when you come to such conclusions, though? It gives what you do such a deeper meaning, and you feel like you can keep doing it because of something one person said.

Nakia, a Social Butterfly said...

Thanks Dasaya! That was indeed a priceless moment!

Cynthia A. Patterson said...

This is wonderful insight. It's good when God gives you "Aha" moments in life that helps us come to the reality of what's important. In the end His plan is far is more rewarding.
Thanks for sharing my friend!
Cynthia A. Patterson